"I went through a tough time of ups and downs before coming across DTH Aesthetics. When starting with my training and nutrition plans, I noticed not only an increase in energy and motivation, but also in confidence and determination."

— Hubert (25) from Germany

Why DTH Aesthetics?

Do you want to achieve your goals and also enjoy the food that you love (like small cheats) and still make progress in the gym? Don’t hesitate, let me create a personalised plan! Completely tailored to your needs, but also to keep up with the schedule as easy as possible! Using a tailored schedule is the only way towards personal succes!

Let’s work (out) together!


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There will be a lot more coming your way really soon. Here you”ll find all my “NEW” recipes, and also a lot of other topics I want to talk about. For example how to stay in shape while travelling, my travel blogs and my approach etc.


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