About the intermitting fasting diet

Intermitting fasting is an eating pattern where you will fast for arround 16 hours and eat all your calories in 8 hours just before going to bed. This method is called the 16/8 method, the most popular way to fast for a long period of time! But you have more ways to fast like: eat-stop-eat where you will fast till dinner and fast until next dinner (fast for the whole day) and the 5:2 method this method is 2 days in a serious caloric deficit where you will eat only around 500-600 calories in those 2 days of the week. I don’t prefer doing the 2 days serious caloric deficit, especially when you want to build muscle

I prefer the 16/8 method. I am doing this myself for over 3 years now. And I can say that I really love this method in different ways. Not only because I made great progress over the years I am doing it, but also because I am a person with a big appetite. This method is great to try out when you have a big appetite as well. Not only to restrict your calorie intake when cutting body fat, but also to enjoy bigger meals throughout the day! And because it got a lot of benefits with it like:

  • Weight loss: Intermitting fasting can help  you a lot with losing weight, without having to consciously restrict your calories.
  • Hearth health: It can reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol, blood sugar and insulin resistance. Those are risk factors for heart disease.
  • Brain health: It will increase the brain hormone BDNF and may aid of the growth of new neuron cells.
  • Anti-aging intermitting fasting can extend lifespan in rats. Studies showed that it can last longer around 36-83%.

Clearly, there is nothing “unnatural” about fasting, and our bodies can handle a extended period of not eating.

Intermitting fasting is certainly not for everyone! So be careful when you want to use this method.

It’s strictly not good to use for people that are underweight or have any history with eating disorders.

Intermitting fasting

Have you ever heard about or tried this lifestyle? because this can definitely help you a lot with cutting body fat.

Are you a eater with a big appetite? than fasting could fix the problem for you! you just have to change your lifestyle for it!

Intermitting fasting: isn’t that starvation?

No it isn’t! 

Intermitting fasting got a lot of benefits! Just try it out for a few weeks so your body can adjust to a different lifestyle.