Can you drink alcohol and stay in shape?!

The answer to this question is YESS!! you can!

You definitely can stay in shape while still enjoying partying with your friends/family! The things I apply and you could apply, also to minimise the damage to your physique is lower your carb intake the day you will drink alcohol and lower the total calorie intake of that day. This because alcohol contains a lot of calories and most of the calories are from carbs. Ofcourse there are more things you can apply but this is what I prefer doing!

It’s all about making the right decisions for yourself to apply some adjustments in your diet to consume alcohol overtime! What I always do before/on/after the day that I drink alcohol is the following:

  • I apply intermitting fasting and eat around 3 p.m
  • Eat low carb meals (almost no carbs from food)
  • Drink a lot of water (also to minimise the hangover)
  • Consume the Fats & Protein for that day
  • Sometimes apply a longer cardio session
  • Lower my carbs the day after (I do sometimes when I’ll prefer too)

Another thing that do matter of drinking alcohol is HOW YOU DRINK ALCOHOL! you have different ways of how you deal with drinking.

  • Moderate drinking
  • Drinking with no limits

Once you drink moderate you will have less damage on your diet, but also you are even able to loose weight. moderate drinking is not more than 12 glasses a week for men and around 7 glasses for woman. Don’t drink with no limits this could be maybe fun to do for you, but once you did it you will regret it the day after. Once you do consume alcohol with no limits:

  1. You will consume too many calories really fast
  2. Most of the time you will forget things that happened (if you know what I mean…)
  3. You will regret it the day after! (Most of the time)
  4. You will feel blowded of all the alcohol in your system
  5. You will have less knowledge of what you do (Cheating etc.)

If you like to drink with no limits (that’s your own choice!) I am only saying the truth about what you can do for limiting the damage to your body. I am not saying what you have to do, I am only trying to help you out, and get a better knowledge about what drinking alcohol could do to your body.

How many calories are in alcohol?

Not all drinks are created equally! But all alcoholic drinks contains a lot of calories. As an example 1 small beer contains already around the 120-130 kcal, in a cocktail there is around double the kcal of a small beer! In wine there is around 100-120 kcal for one glass, if you choose a dry white wine there are less calories in it because there are less sugars added to the wine! 1 gram of pure alcohol contains 7 calories, that’s even more than carbs and protein (4 kcal) But less than fats (9 kcal) The total amount of calories you consume with alcoholic beverages depends on the amount of sugar there has been added to that alcohol beverage!

Hopefully I’ve helped you out.

Comment down below if you have any questions/suggestions!