When I was younger, I did not have any knowledge regarding of food intake. I just did what felt good, and ate lots of different food. Most of the food that “felt” good was actually not the best food to take in… Therefore, the weighing scale never was a friend who I visited. Although liking the food, I did feel bad about my body. I knew that I was too heavy for my age, which made me feel insecure. I was conscious of this, but the addiction of food continued. Especially my addiction to chocolate was hard to resist.

One day, I made the decision to step on the weighing scale and see the damage that I did to myself. There it was, in the old-school phone font, a shockingly three digit figure.


I weighted over 100kg

Daan before

What Now?

I am 1.80 cm and was weighted over 100 kilograms at the end of 2015. Why did I do this to myself? This thought kept spooking through my mind. I needed to do something about it. At this turning point, I started searching on the internet about how to get rid of this fast and easy. I was reading almost every post on the internet and read a lot of different articles of how to do it. But I could’t find anything, what was the best way for myself. So I continued reading more not only on the internet but also books, magazines and professional literature and trying out different approaches. How could I get rid of all that overweight, and deal with my addiction to food? So many methods, so many goals to hit…

Where to start?!

I tried different diets to get a feeling of what worked best. This not only included the fundamentals of the diet, but also if it is sustainable for me as a person. Because there are so many diets to choose from, you just have to try some diets out to find out what’s fits the best for you. I found that intermitting fasting was the best fit for me. I could still enjoy bigger meals throughout the day, while continuously losing body fat. Intermitting fasting allows bigger meals in a 8 hour eating window and a 16 hour fasting window. of course you have to eat a lot of clean foods with great macro nutrients to fuel up your body. In the long term this diet is very sustainable, and still allows me to progress with unreal numbers of weight loss!


of weight lost in my first year

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