Training + Meal Plan

Combine both training and food into this total package to get your transformation going. You will receive personalised meal plans based on your eating habits. This is done using the If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) methodology, which is a proven way to transform your preferred eating habits into a healthy alternative. Accompanied with the meal plans, you will receive personalised training plans as well.

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Note: the image shown serves as a representation of the product. The actual product consists of digital meal and training plans, custom to your personal needs and preferences.

You will receive personalised meal plans based on your own eating habits. I will help you to transform your eating style, so you can still enjoy the food you love in a healthy way.

Would you like to eat a donut now and then, or some pieces of chocolate after a long day of work? No problem! When taking into account the total macro nutrition you need that day, you can still make progress without sacrificing your favourite food. This makes my meal plans suitable for people who have difficulties with a food addiction. The diets I prescribe are therefore easy to follow, as the level of sacrificie based on your eating habits is minimised.

Diet based on IIFYM

The Diet is based on the concept of If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM). This means you can still eat the things you like, and make progress in the gym at the same time. This can take several strategies, based on your demand, such as bulk or cut. This allows you to be in a caloric deficit or surplus by maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Time to hit the gym!

This offer not only includes personalised meal plans, but also includes training plans. These plans are based on your preferred way of training, and make use of a good variety of exercises. This allows you to make progress to gain muscle and strength!


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