Training Plan

Do you need help in choosing exercises/reps or making progress in the gym? Than this is the solution for you to give your progress a boost!! This plan is customised on your availability to go to the gym.



I prefer mostly 3-4 days minimum. This because you need to hit every muscle group and also have enough time to let your muscles recover from your workouts.

What do you get:

  • A workout program in ”PDF file” so you can have it on your phone or print the file.
  • Only your preferred exercises combined in a effective program designed by your personal trainer.
  • Effective exercises with the best muscle stimulation.
  • Tracking the weight you used for every exercise, this to make progressive overload.
  • Full support by email/WhatsApp.
  • The possibility to buy other programs with a discount.

I will always make adjustments in your training schedule if needed. This to stay consistent in getting progressive overload, this to stay making progress in the gym.

when you purchased the product I will contact you by email with a question list: about your current conditions (like age/weight), the food you are consuming,  that you can fill in completely. Once that’s done I am able to get to work on the program. Once it’s done I will contact you and send the program right to you!

Once you have any questions about the program, you can always ask me anything you want to know about it and I will answer all your questions as soon as possible.


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