Combo Plan: Training + Meal

Starting your journey to a healthier life isn’t easy. To get you started, a helping hand is always welcome. With this combo plan, I help you reach your goals in terms of training and nutrition.

The meals and nutrition selected are based on your eating habits, as well as the goals we set for your transformation. Hereby you can still enjoy the food that you love, balanced with your goals and required nutrition.

The training plan is aligned with your meals, so that you can continue to focus on your daily life. The training plan is adjusted on your available time, and the equipment you have available. This personal training plan will get you going, from small to giant steps.


  € 44,99

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Training + Meal Plan

Training Plan

Personalised Training Plan

With the training plan you will receive a personalised training schedule tailored to your needs. This plan allows you to hit every muscle group every week. All custom-made, within the time you have available to train. Do you want to train on power, mass, aesthetics or want to lose body fat Check it out!

€ 24,99

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Meal plan

Personalised Meal Plan

With this plan, you will receive a meal plan that will get you to your goal. These plans are not only based on the required nutritions, but also on your personal preferences.

€ 29,99

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